Quick Update

The latest on my hands: All tests, including MRI, show no obvious damage, so the diagnosis is plain old overuse. Therefore, I will be using my hands as little as possible until they get better, which means extremely little blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, etc. It also means no working, so I’m now part of the “unemployed” statistics.

Fortunately, my speech-to-text software allows me to continue to write and edit.

I recently sold my flash fiction story “The Pen Is Mightier” to Daily Science Fiction. Sore hands or not, I’ll definitely link to that once it’s available.

My main writing focus right now is on getting my science fiction space opera trilogy Children of the Om-Mar whipped into shape. All three books are finished, but only the first one is in good enough shape to show to the world, and it’s still going to get at least one more editing pass. You can read the current draft here.

Baby Grand author Dina Santorelli interviewed me about The Silver Cage and writing in general for her Debut Author Q&A. Thanks, Dina!

Louise Wise interviewed me on her Wise Words blog. Thanks, Louise!

My hands are saying I’ve used them too much today, so I’m outta here.


About Mik Wilkens

Writer of fantasy, science fiction, and other speculative fiction. Author of The Silver Cage, a fantasy novel, coming 12/1/10.
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